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Whether you're offering Human Design readings or seeking self-discovery, personal growth, and clarity in navigating life's challenges, Bella is an  AI-powered Human Design assistant that makes reading charts accessible to everyone.

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Beautifully Simple

A Human Design expert in your pocket that knows your chart inside out, available 24/7 to answer even the most trivial of questions.


Intelligent Chatbot Fully Integrated Into Your Bodygraph Chart

Ask real questions, and get real response. Bella offers deep chart analysis, interactive learning, and personalized guidance like never before.


Your Personal Timeline: Track Your HD Journey

Your profile isn't just a snapshot—it's a dynamic timeline of your Human Design journey. Follow your progress, track your insights, and reflect on your growth over time as you delve deeper into the mysteries of your unique design.


a roadmap to understanding yourself on a deeper level

Human Design isn't just a tool—it's a roadmap to understanding yourself on a deeper level, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate life's challenges with clarity and confidence. Join us on a mission to make Human Design accessible to everyone, and unlock the potential within your unique design today.


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Key Features

That Make Your Ultimate Guide

Chart Analysis

Dive deep into your chart with advanced analysis tools, uncovering hidden layers and gaining clarity on your unique design.

Interactive Learning

Engage with our AI chatbot for personalized responses, pose questions, seek clarity, and explore Human Design in an interactive way.

Personalized Guidance

Unlock comprehensive chart analysis and personal development advice, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with confidence.

Curated Content Just for You

Access curated videos, articles, and resources personalized to your chart variables, providing targeted guidance and inspiration.

Flexible Membership Plans

Choose from our range of membership plans tailored to your needs, whether you're seeking personal insights or professional development.

Community Engagement

Connect with a passionate community of over 10,000+ members, sharing insights, experiences, and support on your Human Design journey.

Our Plans

Whether you're new to Human Design or an avid chart reader, we've got a membership that's just right for you.


For newbies, tire-kickers and curious cats.

What's included

  • AI Chatbot Integrated BodyGraph

  • Generate unlimited charts

  • Showcase your Chart On Your Profile

  • Share your journey With others

  • Connect, Collaborate & Learn

  • Search 55,000+ Celebrity Charts

  • Access Curated Articles & Videos

  • 15 FREE Questions Included

  • Community Support

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Personal Most Popular

For hobbyists, self-explorers and HD lovers.

What's included

  • Everything In Free Plus..
  • Read Other People's Charts

  • Read Celebrity Charts

  • Advanced Celebrity Filters

  • Advanced Chart Library Filters

  • Download Your Conversations
  • Includes 40 Questions Per Month

  • 20% Discount On Additional Tokens
  • Community & Ticketing Support

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Pro Best ROI

For solopreneurs, analysts & coaches.

What's included

  • Everything In Personal Plus..

  • Add Value & Earn Money Reading Charts

  • Publish Content & Attract Followers
  • Offer Readings & Accept Bookings
  • Sell Books, Retreats & Courses

  • Create Groups & Host Discussions
  • Includes 150 Questions Per Month

  • 30% Discount On Additional Tokens

  • Community, Ticketing & Email Support

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Making Human Design Accessible to Everyone

At, we believe that self-discovery should be accessible to all. Our platform, founded in 2021, is dedicated to democratizing Human Design knowledge on a global scale. We understand the importance of providing this valuable information efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring that it complements rather than disrupts the livelihoods of those within the Human Design community. As fellow human beings, we strive to create tools that empower and uplift, rather than replace.




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" has revolutionized my understanding of Human Design. The AI assistant's insights are spot-on, and the community is incredibly supportive."

Kevin WalterMember

"The lifetime membership value is unbeatable, and knowing I have access to future upgrades is fantastic. Thrilled to continue my journey!"

Larissa MayMember

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