Mission StatementTo make Human Design accessible to everyone.

About HumanDesign.ai

HumanDesign.ai was founded by Kyle Hi in 2021. Kyle is a serial entrepreneur and a Human Design expert. The platform is 100% online, automated and has no fixed location. Reading and understanding a Human Design chart is difficult and time consuming for someone who hasn’t taken the time to study the Human Design system, making valuable information inaccessible to most people. The platform aims to bridge this gap and provide great insights to its users.

What We Offer

HumanDesign.ai is a universally accessible artificial intelligence tool that reads Human Design charts and produces guides, resources and information that can easily be digested and understood by humans. The tool produces detailed blueprints including strategies, personality insights, diet suggestions, career opportunities, video content, teachers, courses, books, products and personalised exercises for reconditioning thought processes in alignment with the individual’s unique design.

Our Team

Kyle Hi
Kyle HiFounder (4/1 Splenic Projector)

Kyle's been building online businesses for many years, focused on self development he finally found a model that resonates with his soul and doesn't require too much work to maintain. A proud Projector, on a mission to empower others with Human Design in the way that it empowered him.

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Beatrix Winter
Beatrix WinterCo-Founder (3/5 Manifesting Generator)

Beatrix is a heart centered coach who's passionate about health, wellness and personal development. She's an early stage investor in the platform and is actively involved in promoting the concept, developing partnerships and bringing awareness to what we're doing.

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Mei Sofyan
Mei SofyanUX Designer (2/4 Generator)

Mei brings a massive amount of sacral energy to the platform, working round the clock to make the user experience more fulfilling and satisfying. She's becoming super passionate about Human Design and loves to find new ways to deliver the teachings within the system.

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