Mission StatementTo make Human Design accessible to everyone.

About HumanDesign.ai

HumanDesign.ai was founded in 2021 with one simple vision: to make Human Design accessible to everyone. We had to find a way of giving this knowledge on a scale never achieved before, in all the major languages, as fast as possible with minimal friction but without effecting the day to day livelihoods of the humans involved in the space. We're human beings too and we don't want our tool to take away jobs but rather create them.

Our Vision

HumanDesign.ai aim's to become a universally accessible artificial intelligence tool that reads Human Design charts and produces guides, resources and information that can easily be digested and understood by humans. The tool aims to offer strategies, personality insights, career opportunities, video content, teachers, courses, books, products and personalised exercises for reconditioning thought processes in alignment with the individual’s design.

Our Team

Kyle Hi
Kyle HiFounder (4/1 Splenic Projector)

Kyle's started building websites when he was 12, back in the dial up days. One thing led to another, making mistake after mistake until he truly discovered Human Design in 2021 and took all of the lessons, awareness, love and passion and put it into developing HumanDesign.ai

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Beatrix Winter
Beatrix WinterCo-Founder (3/5 Manifesting Generator)

Beatrix is a heart centered coach who's passionate about health, wellness and personal development. She's an early stage investor in the platform and is actively involved in promoting the concept, developing partnerships and bringing awareness to what we're doing.

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Kyle Hi
Trishana SumanReport Writer (6/2 Manifesting Generator)

Trish has been studying Human Design, Gene Keys since 2018 and astrology since 2001, and has a huge passion for the subject. She loves to teach others through comprehensive readings and was responsible for writing and compiling our amazing reports.

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The spirit and intention of HumanDesign.ai is always philanthropic, never about making money. Our mission transcends the ideology of the ever persistent matrix. We're here to help humanity understand who we are and what our role in the collective is at this most pivot-able moment in human history. Simply because when we're aligned with spirit and purpose, combined with self awareness and the ability to make right decisions, it's doesn't really matter what the system is because we will have already mastered ourselves. The freedom, and joy that comes from finally being able to accept our own strengths and weaknesses and stop comparing ourselves to others.

Our Commitments

  • To always act with honesty and transparency.
  • To redistribute our earnings to the community based on contribution.
  • To always put people, human beings, before profit and artificial intelligence.

  • To protect our user's data to the best of our abilities.