What can’t I see my chart on the mobile version?

The mobile version of HumanDesign.ai is currently under development and our goal is to have a fully functional version by October 2023. In the meantime, we suggest using the desktop version which offers a wider range of features and includes a visual chart for you to interact with while using the chatbot.

How accurate is the chatbot?

Even though the chatbot is highly knowledgeable about the Human Design system and your chart, it is not infallible and may occasionally make errors. If you come across any unusual occurrences or receive inaccurate information, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. This will help us investigate the issue and make necessary improvements to enhance the AI’s performance.

Why is the chatbot sometimes slow?

The chatbot’s slower response time is due to the utilization of GPT4, a more advanced model compared to GPT3.5. The immense computational power required for analyzing your chart and cross-referencing it with the vast matrix of Human Design information is what enables the generation of accurate and relevant answers. GPT4 excels in organizing and comprehending this data, whereas GPT3.5, although faster, tends to produce hallucinatory responses, a phenomenon referred to as “making up stuff” in the industry.

How does the quota system work?

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What questions can I ask the chatbot?

You can ask Bella just about anything you can imagine. In your own words, language and tone. Feel free to explore the depths of knowledge and curiosity with Bella by your side. If you’re seeking a starting point for your human design journey, you can ask Bella to provide you with some prompts.

Is there a mobile application?

Not yet, but rest assured that our team is putting in relentless efforts, working day and night, to bring you the much-awaited mobile version of our application. Our dedication knows no bounds as we strive to develop and release this highly anticipated update. As of now, our chatbot is accessible through a web-based platform, serving as a valuable and convenient assistant.

Why did you name the chatbot “Bella”?

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Can anyone see my conversation history with the chatbot?

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How can I save my conversations?

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Why does it say my quota is finished when its not?

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