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          Bruce Springsteen's Biography

          American musician known as “The Boss,” a singer and songwriter, guitarist and leader of “The E Street Band.” A prolific writer of his own material, he does marathon shows where he builds a great rapport with his audience.
          From a working class background, Bruce had an unhappy, alienated childhood. He bought his first guitar at 18 for $14 at a local pawnshop and began learning songs from the radio. He began playing with the high school band, “The Castiles,” at local gigs. In 1969 he formed his own band, “Steel Mill,” which played together nearly two years. In September 1971, he formed the “Bruce Springsteen Band,” a ten-piece group, which evolved into “The E Street Band.” In June 1972 he signed a ten-album contract, releasing a debut album in January 1973. The 1973 albums marked the beginning of Springsteen’s career and since then, The Boss has sold tens of millions of albums and won over legions of loyal fans worldwide in his 30 plus years as a “rock and roll legend.” They began moving up, topping the U.S. charts by 1977. His incredibly successful “Born in the USA” was released on 6/17/1984, selling over 12 million copies in the U.S. alone and establishing Springsteen as one of the most dominant forces in ’80s rock. In February 1986, he rejected an offer of $12 million for “Born in the USA” to be used for a series of commercials. In the past decade, he had performed in over 500 shows.
          In 1987, Tunnel of Love was released during a time when Springsteen was facing marital problems. He began singing of lost love, emotional turmoil, and other adult concerns. He set off after this for one more tour with the E-Street Band and then in 1989 they parted ways. Three years later he released two albums, “Human Touch” and “Lucky Town.” The first was more radio orientated while the latter is seen as a step forward for the Springsteen. He did a stint on MTV’s Unplugged program and then resumed touring in 1993.
          Springsteen married actress Julianne Phillips shortly after midnight on 5/13/1985, 00:15 AM, Lake Oswego, Oregon a few weeks before a sell-out tour reached London. On 8/30/1988, she filed for divorce following newspaper photos that showed the close relationship between Springsteen and his back-up singer, Patti Scialfa. The decree was final on 3/01/1989.
          On 1/19/1990, the news media reported that Scialfa was pregnant. Evan James Springsteen was born on 7/25/1990 in Los Angeles. On 12/30/1991, a daughter was born, Jessica Rae, and later a third child. He and Scialfa married in 1991.
          After 30 years he is still going strong, “The Boss” is currently touring internationally. In July 2002, he put out his first studio album in seven years, “The Rising, which immediately rose to No. 1 in its first week, selling about 526,000 copies. This represents the best debut of Springsteen’s career. Most of the songs on it revolve around the Sept. 11 attacks. Springsteen went on a media blitz to promote the disc. He appeared on the covers of Time and Rolling Stone, and was featured on “Nightline, “Late Night with David Letterman and “Dateline. The “Today show went to his adopted hometown of Asbury Park, N.J., for a live Springsteen performance. He kicks off a U.S. tour on 8/07/2002 in East Rutherford, N.J.
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