César Chávez's Human Design Chart

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        Chart Properties

          This Incarnation Cross represents the specific theme or purpose of César Chávez's life. It's determined by the positions of the Sun and Earth at the time of César Chávez's birth and 88 days before César Chávez's birth. This cross embodies César Chávez's unique potential and the lessons they're came to learn, providing a roadmap to fulfilling César Chávez's life's purpose.

          César Chávez's Biography

          Mexican-American labor leader of the United Farm Workers of America, an advocate of Gandhi’s philosophy, peace-loving and charismatic. He was the child of migrant workers who achieved national prominence in 1965 when his UFW joined a Filipino farm-work strike protesting abusive treatment. His boycott on grape growers lasted five years and ended only when growers agreed to a union contract, the first big labor victory for migrant workers in the U.S. One of five children of Depression-era migrant farm workers, Chavez saw his family exploited by growers. He never graduated from high school and said he must have attended about 65 elementary schools as his family moved from field to field for work. He attributes his humanity to his mother who sent Chavez and his siblings to invite hobos to share their food. Around 1939 Chavez remembered a pivotal event when his father and uncle became members of a union and picketed all night with picket signs. The attempt failed but left a lasting impression. Chavez served in the Navy during WW II in 1944 and 1945. After the war Chavez pursued his organizing activities, raising the social consciousness of the Chicano community, achieving notoriety with all his work to improve the working atmosphere of the farm laborer. He met Fred Ross in 1952 in San Jose, a community organizer trying to set up self-help groups in minority areas, who described Chavez as the best organizer he ever met. After 10 years he led a successful voter registration drive in San Jose. In 1962 he established the National Farm Workers Association, which alter became the UFW, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO. The UFW reached its peak in the late 1970s using marches, boycotts, strikes and civil disobedience by followers to bring California’s agricultural valleys to the bargaining table. He went on weeks-long fasts to drive home his cause. He was buoyed during many of his strikes and fasts by visits from Attorney General Robert and Ethel Kennedy, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Coretta King. He met his wife, Helen, after returning to the fields of Kern County, CA following the war. He lived in Keene, Southern California with Helen and their six kids. Chavez died of natural causes during the night of 4/23/1993, San Luiz, AZ where he was fighting an appeal, having broken a three-day fast to have a vegetarian dinner. On 3/31/2000, California Governor Gray Davis signed a bill designating Chavez’s birthday as a state holiday. Link to Wikipedia biography Link to Astrodienst discussion forum

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