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          Charlie Sheen's Biography

          American actor in a theatrical family, the third son of Martin Sheen and brother of Emilio Estevez. With an acting debut at nine in “The Execution of Private Slovik” his career developed slowly. In 1986 he appeared in “Wall Street,” but starred in his first big role the following year. “Platoon,” 1987 rocketed Charlie into stardom.
          He entered a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in August 1990 and should have moved in to permanent residency. Released, he hit the skids again in 1994, trashing five hotel rooms while flying high with booze and expensive designer-drugs. He entered detox in July 1994. At about the same time, he gave a foot-in-mouth drunken magazine interview, trashing friends and co-workers alike. During the filming of “Terminal Velocity,” the press reported that he exhibited highly unstable behavior.
          Charlie not only estimated his sexual account at approximately 5,000 women but at Heidi Fleiss’ pandering trial, he testified that he had paid over $50,000 for sexual services from Heidi’s girls from 1991-1993. One scrape led to another and on 24 February 1997 at Malibu, CA he was arraigned on battery charges after knocking out his most recent girlfriend, Brittany Ashland.
          Complaining of tingling sensations and difficulty with walking, Sheen was transported to Los Robles Medical Center 20 May 1998 at 5:30 AM. Hospital spokespeople declared Sheen never in the danger zone and Martin Sheen admitted that Charlie had suffered a drug overdose. After checking into Malibu’s Promises rehab center, Sheen was calling for a limo and leaving in his pajamas. So far Sheen has been unable to successfully see a detox program through to any kind of recovery.
          On 3 September 1995 he married model Donna Peele, 25. He moved out five weeks later, saying that he “couldn’t breathe,” and they divorced on 19 November 1996.
          With the strong support of family intervention, party animal Charlie swore to an honest rebirth as a responsible citizen in 2000, eager to get another chance in a field that was beginning to reject him as too great a risk. His efforts paid off when he won a role on ABC’s “Spin City,” replacing Michael J. Fox, starting 18 October 2000.
          On 6 June 2001, Charlie Sheen’s 16-year-old daughter was arrested at a Los Angeles clothing boutique Wednesday and booked for investigation of burglary.
          He and Denise Richards married on 15 June 2002, between 8:05 and 8:10 PM, Brentwood, CA.*
          (Time from Dori Sippel who played viola at the wedding)
          Their daughter, named Sam, was born March 9, 2004 at 10:57 PM in Los Angeles (rated A, from news report). Sheen has a daughter Cassandra, 19 at the time of Sam’s birth, from a previous marriage.
          On March 2, 2005, after nearly three years of marriage, one child and another coming soon, Sheen’s wife Denise Richards filed for divorce from the bad-boy actor. The couple’s daughter Lola made her appearance on “Wednesday night,” June 1, 2005 in Los Angeles according to news reports quoting Richards’ publicist. Another news report used the term “late Wednesday” citing the same publicist.
          The couple reconciled for a short while, but couldn’t sustain their marriage. As of April 2006 they were working out custody details.
          He married wife number three on May 30, 2008 in Los Angeles. The bride, Brooke Mueller, was 30 years old. The couple had twin boys on March 14, 2009. The infants, named Max and Bob, arrived six weeks early. On Christmas morning of 2009 Brooke called the emergency police line claiming he was threatening her with a knife. Sheen was arrested at 11:20 AM that morning in Aspen, CO. The off-and-on again marriage was punctuated by reports of Sheen’s addictive and sometimes eruptive piques of temper. Their divorce became final in Feburary 2011.
          His mental health seemed to deteriorate. Following a hospitalization for abdominal pain, Sheen returned to rehab. He was initially suspended from hs popular television show, “Two and a Half Men” after he began ranting and railing against management in late February 2011. In early March, the network fired him. He vowed to sue.
          On 17 November 2015, Sheen announced that he was HIV positive, having been diagnosed roughly four years earlier.
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