Helmut Kohl's Human Design Chart

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        Chart Properties

          This Incarnation Cross represents the specific theme or purpose of Helmut Kohl's life. It's determined by the positions of the Sun and Earth at the time of Helmut Kohl's birth and 88 days before Helmut Kohl's birth. This cross embodies Helmut Kohl's unique potential and the lessons they're came to learn, providing a roadmap to fulfilling Helmut Kohl's life's purpose.

          Helmut Kohl's Biography

          German statesman and politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) who served as Chancellor of Germany from 1982 to 1998 (of West Germany, 1982–1990; and of reunified Germany, 1990–1998) and as chairman of the CDU from 1973 to 1998. Kohl’s 16-year tenure is the longest of any German Chancellor since Otto von Bismarck, and oversaw the end of the Cold War, the German reunification and the creation of the European Union. Kohl reached his peak in 1990, nicknamed “King Kohl” he is considered the father of German reunification. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Kohl earned his place as the most powerful European statesman by boldly moving East Germany into the West with his ten-point plan. Considered a “German provincial politician” by Margaret Thatcher, world leaders, German intellectuals and press, Kohl capitalized on being underestimated by others in order to strive for European integration. Kohl’s middle-of-the-road policy helped to establish reconciliation with France, compensation for Israel, and support for the Atlantic Alliance. Despite his usual low ratings in the polls, his tireless sense of duty to his country made him the longest-serving chancellor in postwar history. Kohl grew up in the small town of Ludwigshafen, a few miles from the BASF chemical company. His father owned a battlefield commission from WW I and worked as a minor civil servant yet the family had little money. Kohl was forever shaped by his experiences during WW II, during which his older brother Walter was killed. In 1942, at the age of 12, Kohl saved people and pulled bodies from the rubble of destroyed buildings during the Allied bombing runs in his town. At 15, he received his first American CARE package after the end of the war. Father Johannes Fink invited the devout young Catholic teen to dinner at the rectory to discuss the principles of a German democracy. In Kohl’s strict devout Roman Catholic family, there was always time for reading and discussions on philosophy and politics. At 19, he joined the Christian Democratic party. He enrolled at Heidelberg University and earned his PhD in history. Upon graduation, he worked for the Ludwigshafen chemical plant and climbed the local political ladder. In 1955, he became head of the Rhineland-Palatinate government. In 1969, he became the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union and the youngest state governor. By 1973, Kohl was the youngest Party National Chairman and leader of the opposition in the Bundestag, the lower chamber of West Germany’s parliament. During the last half of the 1970s and in the early ’80s, Kohl floundered in his political wilderness. In 1982, Helmut Schmidt’s coalition government collapsed and Kohl formed a new coalition government. In 1983 he won the national German elections. When he replaced Schmidt as Chancellor of Germany there was an immediate change of style. Schmidt considered Kohl the village idiot. The press and German intellectuals poked fun at his 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) physical bulk, his wordy, coarse manner, and thick accent. The German media constantly challenged

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