Jeffrey Dahmer's Human Design Chart

    36 22 37 6 49 55 30 21 26 51 40 50 32 28 18 48 57 44 60 58 41 39 19 52 53 54 38 14 29 5 34 27 42 9 3 59 1 7 13 25 10 15 2 46 8 33 31 20 16 62 23 56 35 12 45 24 47 4 17 43 11 64 61 63

        Chart Properties

          This Incarnation Cross represents the specific theme or purpose of Jeffrey Dahmer's life. It's determined by the positions of the Sun and Earth at the time of Jeffrey Dahmer's birth and 88 days before Jeffrey Dahmer's birth. This cross embodies Jeffrey Dahmer's unique potential and the lessons they're came to learn, providing a roadmap to fulfilling Jeffrey Dahmer's life's purpose.

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          Jeffrey Dahmer's Biography

          American serial killer. He had an apartment in Milwaukee’s crime-laden west side. On 7/23/91 a 32-year-old man fled from his apartment crying that Dahmer was trying to kill him. When police entered, they found a freezer covered with Polaroid photos of mutilated men. Inside were two severed heads; there was another in the refrigerator, human skulls in the closet and a filing cabinet, a kettle holding decomposing human hands and a penis and various body parts laying around.
          Dahmer, who worked in a chocolate factory job, confessed to between 11 and 17 grisly murders in the past decade as a necrophiliac cannibal.
          He had lived with his divorced mom at 18 until she moved away with his brother, then with his grandma for six years. He had a fascination with the macabre and learned to use chemicals to strip the flesh from animals, a process he later used with cadavers.
          In 1988 he went to prison for ten months for approaching a 13-year-old Laotian boy; in May, 1991, he killed the boy’s 14-year-old brother.
          Gentle until he was drunk, he killed not out of anger or hate “but because I wanted to keep them with me. At the time, it was almost addictive. I was branching out, that’s when the cannibalism started with eating the heart. It was a way of making me feel that they were part of me. At first, it was just curiosity. I tried to keep the person alive by inducing a zombie-like state, injecting first a diluted acid solution in their brain. It never did work. A compulsive obsession with what I was doing overpowered any feelings of repulsion. It was the only thing that gave me satisfaction in life.”
          Dahmer was declared sane, aware of what he was doing and convicted of murder on 2/15/1992. He was given 15 life terms with no hope of parole.
          He was slain in prison by a fellow inmate while cleaning a bathroom on 11/28/1994. The attack began as he and two other men worked on the cleaning. The attacker was already serving a life sentence for murder and he beat both Dahmer and the other inmate, hitting their heads against the wall. Dahmer was taken from the prison in Madison, WI to a hospital at Portage, WI, and died en route, 9:10 AM.
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