Jon Bon Jovi's Human Design Chart

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        Chart Properties

          This Incarnation Cross represents the specific theme or purpose of Jon Bon Jovi's life. It's determined by the positions of the Sun and Earth at the time of Jon Bon Jovi's birth and 88 days before Jon Bon Jovi's birth. This cross embodies Jon Bon Jovi's unique potential and the lessons they're came to learn, providing a roadmap to fulfilling Jon Bon Jovi's life's purpose.

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          Jon Bon Jovi's Biography

          American musician, the superstar leader of “Bon Jovi.” He played in rock bands from the time he was a kid, and formed his own band in March 1983. They signed with the Mercury label on 7/01/1983 and began a live tour of the circuit with band mates Dave Bryan, Richie Sambora, Alec John Such and Tico Torres. Their first album, “Bon Jovi,” was released in April 1984. June 1995, they made their 12th trip to Japan, where they were greeted by 50,000 frenzied fans.
          Bon Jovi first picked a guitar as his instrument at age seven. By the time he was in high school he was fronting a group called “Atlantic City Expressway.” The son of a hair-dresser dad and a florist mom and the oldest of three boys, he had the benefit of a family that was surprisingly supportive of his declaration that he wanted to be a musician.
          Jon hit a low period in 1990. Tired of touring, sometimes 16 months at a stretch and feeling that the band had become mechanical, he was physically wiped out. He bought a house in Malibu and spent the summer drinking and walking on the beach. Dorothea, his wife, gave him a lot of space during this period. At the end of summer they took off together cross country on motorcycles, completely away from the music business. When they returned to their home by the ocean in Rumson, NJ, Bon Jovi felt that a fog was slowly lifting, a long, slow, healing process. He returned to his world with a different perspective, making some progressive business decisions.
          His first solo, “Blaze of Glory,” 1990, had copped both Oscar and Grammy nominations. He made an acting debut in a cameo shot on the set of “Young Guns II.” In 1991 he began taking acting lessons, leading to a role in “Moonlight and Valentino.” Following “Moonlight…,” Bon Jovi starred in three domestic releases: “Long Time, Nothing New,” “Little City,” and “Homegrown.” In 1995, the band returned to the studio to record “These Days” before hitting the road for ten months. After selling more than 75 million records worldwide with “Bon Jovi” by 1997, Jon recorded his second solo effort, “Destination Anywhere.” His second effort was done with taste, and was accompanied by some of the most personal lyrics of Bon Jovi’s career. For example, one song on the album was solely about moving his family to London, England to film a movie. Bon Jovi separated in 1997 from “Bon Jovi” in order to allow the band to digest his second solo effort. Around the same time that “Destination Anywhere” was released, songwriting partner Richie Sambora released his own solo album.
          He married Dorothea on 4/29/1989 in Las Vegas after they had been together for almost nine years. Their daughter Stephanie Rose was born on 6/01/1993, Red Bank, NJ. Their son, Jesse James Louis, was born on 2/19/1995. A decade later he says that their relationship has intensified over the years, especially as a family with kids. Their third son, Jacob Hurley, was born on 5/07/2002.
          The Bon Jovi group consists of Jon on vocals, Richie Sambora on guitar (born 7/11/1959), David Bryan on keyboards (born 2/07/1962, New Jersey), Alec John Such on bass (born 11/14/1956) and Tico Torres on drums (born 10/07/1953).
          He and his wife Dorothea welcomed their fourth child, a boy named Romeo Jon, on Monday, April 5, 2004 in a hospital near their home in Middleton Township, NJ
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