Kris Kristofferson's Human Design Chart

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        Chart Properties

          This Incarnation Cross represents the specific theme or purpose of Kris Kristofferson's life. It's determined by the positions of the Sun and Earth at the time of Kris Kristofferson's birth and 88 days before Kris Kristofferson's birth. This cross embodies Kris Kristofferson's unique potential and the lessons they're came to learn, providing a roadmap to fulfilling Kris Kristofferson's life's purpose.

          Kris Kristofferson's Biography

          American songwriter, country singer and recording artist and actor. By 1984, Kristofferson had appeared in 14 films, most notably as Barbra Streisand’s love interest in “A Star is Born,” 1976 and “Songwriter” in 1984. He won a Golden Globe award in 1977 for Best Actor in a Musical with “A Star is Born.” As a recording artist, he has over 16 record albums to his credit and songs he has written have been recorded by more than 450 artists. In the ’70s, Kristofferson indulged in booze, drugs and women, owning one of the most notorious reputations in Hollywood and Nashville as a high-flying party animal. Kristofferson came from a family with a long line of military history. His father was a major general in the Air Force and his mother was a conservative homemaker. He and his younger brother traveled around the country with his military family. Kristofferson spent a good deal of his childhood in Brownsville, Texas and as a child he learned to speak Spanish along with his native English. In high school, the family moved to California and he played football and dreamed of becoming a writer like his hero, Ernest Hemingway. He boxed and earned a Golden Gloves award while in high school. At Pomona College he majored in creative writing. In school, Kristofferson suffered frustration at learning his subjects. He was shy, nerdy to others, and whether in class or on the football field he always felt that he had to work extra hard to keep up with his peers. A self-described late developer, Kristofferson won a prestigious fiction-writing contest, and he attended Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship where he played on the Rugby team. At Oxford, fellow students teased the American by calling him “Tex.” While there, he developed a lifelong love of poetry and the works of William Blake. After college, Kristofferson went into the Army and became a Ranger captain. He was an airborne-trained helicopter pilot who loved to fly daredevil flights while posted in Germany. Offered a position as English literature instructor at the United States West Point Academy, he turned it down to try his songwriting abilities in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1965, he took a job as a $58-a-week night janitor at the Columbia recording studios in Nashville. Determined to break into the country music industry, Kristofferson wrote songs and worked as a bartender and construction worker to support himself. While some artists such as Roger Miller recorded his songs, it was not until Johnny Cash recorded “Sunday Morning Coming Down” that Kristofferson finally was recognized as a talented songwriter. In 1969, he met Janis Joplin and they drank tequila and got high together. They had a relationship which lasted for a month at her home in San Francisco. After she died, Kristofferson was touched by her recording of his song “Me and Bobby McGee.” As the 1970s began, Kristofferson performed at clubs and in the recording studio as a “functioning alcoholic.” He was always drinking and indulging in

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