Pope Benedict XVI's Human Design Chart

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        Chart Properties

          This Incarnation Cross represents the specific theme or purpose of Pope Benedict XVI's life. It's determined by the positions of the Sun and Earth at the time of Pope Benedict XVI's birth and 88 days before Pope Benedict XVI's birth. This cross embodies Pope Benedict XVI's unique potential and the lessons they're came to learn, providing a roadmap to fulfilling Pope Benedict XVI's life's purpose.

          Pope Benedict XVI's Biography

          German-born leader of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 19 April 2005 until his resignation on 28 February 2013. Benedict’s election as pope occurred in the 2005 papal conclave that followed the death of Pope John Paul II. Benedict chose to be known by the title “Pope emeritus” upon his resignation, and he retained this title until his death in 2022. He was elected Pope on 19 April 2005 at about 5:50 PM local time at the Vatican, taking the name of Benedict XVI. He greeted the public from the Papal balcony delivering his blessing in his first “Urbi et Orbi” speech at 6:48 PM local time according to the Vatican press office. The Pope was a Cardinal since 27 June 1977. Before his ascension to the highest office in the Roman Catholic hierarchy, he was Dean of the College of Cardinals. The son of a police officer from a farming family in Lower Bavaria, Joseph Ratzinger was drafted into the auxiliary anti-aircraft service during World War II but deserted. He was subsequently imprisoned in an Allied POW camp until the end of the war. In 1946 he began studies in philosophy and theology at the University of Munich. Ordained as a priest on 29 June 1951, he obtained his doctorate in theology in 1953. By 1957, he qualified as a university teacher and began teaching. By 1969, he had become a professor of dogmatic theology and of the history of dogma at the University of Regensburg. He held the administrative post of Vice President at the same institution. In March 1977, he was appointed Archbishop of Munich and Freising, and on 28 May 1977 he was installed in that post. He was elevated to Cardinal one month later. In 1981 he became Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, where he earned the nickname “the Enforcer.” He was elected Vice Dean of the College of Cardinals on 6 November 1998. Four years later, on 30 November 2002, he became Dean. An academic, a writer, and a professor, he was an intellectual whose conservative views stood him in good stead at the Vatican, and he became a primary advisor to Pope John Paul II. As the health of Pope John Paul II deteriorated, many speculated that Cardinal Ratzinger would be named Pope when John Paul II died. The man who became Benedict XVI was considered to be genuinely pious, intellectually brilliant, blunt, and passionate about the “truth,” a man who had the courage of his convictions. Despite his conservative and dogmatic views, he was described as being personally charming and quick-witted, a stimulating conversationalist, fluent in several languages. His experiences as a young man during World War II were critical in formulating his ideas about the role of the Church. After seeing the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis, he argued that the Church must present an alternative to the state and that the church must stand for absolute truths. He warned that the

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