Expertise Levels

Our community is based on expertise levels. The more experienced in Human Design you are, the more influence you have and features you can access.
Newbie0-299 Points
For people new to Human Design, getting started in the community.

Create a profile

Access free content

Earn points referring users

Novice300-2999 Points
Once the basics have been covered and we know who you are.

Everything in "Newbie" plus..

Access the AI Assistant

Join & participate in groups

Find & follow others

Apprentice3000-5999 Points
Start inspiring others with your deconditioning journey.

Everything in "Novice" plus..

Earn money referring users

Publish content on timeline

Attract followers

Experienced6000-11999 Points
Develop a solid reputation as someone that knows the system.

Everything in "Apprentice" plus..

Priority in the news feed

Earn money publishing articles and videos

Expert12000 -24999 Points
Help others by as a Human Design solopreneur.

Everything in "Experienced" plus..

Create and host groups

Get recommended by the algorithm

Accept bookings

Master25000+ Points
Scale up, build your own online Human Design empire.

Everything in "Expert" plus..

Publish products and services

Invite your team

Lower commission on bookings