Pourquoi ne puis-je pas voir mon graphique sur la version mobile ?

The mobile version of is currently under development and our goal is to have a fully functional version by..

Quelle est la précision du chatbot ?

Even though the chatbot is highly knowledgeable about the Human Design system and your chart, it is not infallible and..

Pourquoi le chatbot est-il parfois lent ?

The chatbot’s slower response time is due to the utilization of GPT4, a more advanced model compared to GPT3.5. The..

Comment fonctionne le système des quotas ?

In order to accurately measure and manage the usage of our chatbot, we have implemented a token system. This system..

Quelles questions puis-je poser au chatbot ?

You can ask Bella just about anything you can imagine. In your own words, language and tone. Feel free to..

Existe-t-il une application mobile ?

Not yet, but rest assured that our team is putting in relentless efforts, working day and night, to bring you..

Pourquoi avez-vous appelé votre chatbot "Bella" ?

Bella was the name of an amazing virtual assistant that worked with the company in the early stages. When she..

Quelqu'un peut-il voir l'historique de mes conversations avec le chatbot ?

As a responsible tech company, we take user privacy very seriously. We understand that our users trust us to keep..

Comment puis-je sauvegarder mes conversations ?

Our team is dedicated to providing our users with a secure and private platform for interacting with our chatbot. However,..

Certaines fonctionnalités sont manquantes ?

We understand that some of the features we have advertised may be difficult to locate at this time. However, we..

Pourquoi le système indique-t-il que mon quota est épuisé alors que ce n'est pas le cas ?

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re unable to interact with Bella despite having a membership. We apologize..

Puis-je utiliser le chatbot Human Design pour générer du contenu ?

The chatbot has been designed to provide people with a comprehensive understanding of their Human Design. It is a tool..

Quelles langues le chatbot Human Design peut-il parler ?

The chatbot is capable of conversing in over 30 languages, with varying levels of proficiency, but continuous improvement is underway...

Puis-je investir dans le projet ?

At our core, we believe in the power of Human Design to transform lives and bring about positive change in..

Qu'est-ce que ?

Human Design is a complex system that can take years of study and practice to fully understand. Without this knowledge,..

Comment devenir lecteur ?

Nous ouvrirons la plateforme aux analystes et lecteurs de Human Design d'ici 2 à 3 mois...

Quelles informations le chatbot connaît-il sur moi ?

We understand that many people are concerned about the potential risks of sharing their personal information with artificial intelligence systems...