Manifesting Generators

What it means to be a Manifesting Generator?

A Manifesting-Generator is a type of Generator, with the ability to manifest and set things into motion by informing (by listening to your inner authority) after following your strategy (waiting to respond).

You are here to do the things that set your being on fire – in the best way possible. The manifesting generator has the generative energy to do multiple things, sometimes simultaneously,

Wearing the many hats, and handling the many tasks is what you are made to do when working for the things, projects, and people that you connect with from you following your correct strategy and authority. The ability to have yourself occupied with so many things might seem rather contrary to what the larger societal stigmas advise – but this is what is true and natural for you – regardless of what anyone else might suggest. You are probably already intuitively aware of this.

The Manifesting Generators aura is enveloping (like the Generator) meaning that it has an ability to attract the things that it needs to it – hence needing to wait to respond to life, instead of going around initiating things, mistakenly behaving like a manifestor. The enveloping aura has a way of drawing others in – especially when a manifesting generator is moving in alignment to what is correct for them to do, the people around them will also get to experience, and ‘borrow’, some of that lit up generator energy. Now on the inverse, you could imagine what it might feel like for the people around a manifesting generator when it is doing something that isn’t in alignment.

Manifesting Generators also have an ability to take quantum leaps faster than the other types – with an ability to skip steps in order to complete and achieve the task at hand. Think finding the most efficient way to get something completed, without the extra fluff. Although, later on down the road – the manifesting generator might have to backtrack a bit to take care of or follow up with the step that were skipped.

Remember that only when you inform in response to something will your manifesting energy be utilized the most optimally. You can look at your chart and see which channels are leading to your throat to understand how your unique manifesting energy expresses itself.

Manifesting Generator Videos

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Famous Manifesting Generators

If you ever wonder if it's possible to make a difference in the world as a Manifesting Generator, you'll be glad to know that some of the world's best known public figures and celebrities are also Manifesting Generators. Here are some of them..
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  • Energetic
  • Can do many things at once
  • Good at finding shortcuts
  • Self-aware
  • Sustainable energy

The Manifesting Generator Strategy

Manifesting Generators must also inform like Manifestors in order to stabilize the energy around them. They can go so fast that informing feels as if it is slowing them down, but informing will decrease the resistance that they feel from others.

Signature Theme

The signature theme of Manifesting Generator is Satisfaction. This is the sense of energy well spent, of satisfying work. If you are a Manifesting Generator, this experience probably carries a particular quality for you. It refers to work in general and specifically to work as energy expended in any way.

Not Self Theme

The Not-self theme of Manifesting Generator is Frustration, which can feel like gears grinding, like fighting for energy to be used in a way that we are either internally resisting or that is met with resistance from the outside world. It can carry a sense of futility or trying to drive through a roadblock. It can feel irritating and exhausting.
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