What it means to be a Projector?

Your gift to the world is your innate wisdom, your ability to guide and manage the energy of others. You have the capacity to see the big picture, recognize the talents and gifts of others, and bring people together. You can make people feel deeply seen in your presence. You also have the ability to ask the right question, and see things that can be transformative for others. You may also have a natural gift for diplomacy that is wise to nurture.

Projectors are approximately 20 percent of the population. The projector’s aura is focused and absorbing. Imagine your aura like a laser, meaning that you are going to attract certain people who vibe at a similar frequency as yours. What you achieve in life may depend on whether you are drawn into the right company and the right environment. When your gifts and abilities are truly recognized, you’ll feel empowered.

You are in this world to share your wisdom with the right people, mainly because you have a unique sense of knowing others, in seeing their uniqueness and correctness/alignment. You probably know better, but not everyone wants/ is ready to hear it yet. Therefore it’s important to ask whether the receiver would like to receive your wisdom.

In relationships, Projectors don’t appreciate being taken for granted or being told how to act. You may like to be recognized for your worth and have partners that honor your need for rest and replenishment.

Recognition and being seen is usually a deep yearning for a Projector. You may be doing things just for the sake of outer recognition. You can manage this by living out your unique Human Design Strategy, Waiting for an Invitation.

Projector Videos

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Famous Projectors

If you ever wonder if it's possible to make a difference in the world as a Projector, you'll be glad to know that some of the world's best known public figures and celebrities are also Projectors. Here are some of them..
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  • Managing and directing others
  • Insightful
  • Intuitive
  • Magnetic & attractive
  • Helps focus energy to accomplish great things

The Projector Strategy

The Projector's strategy is to wait for invitation. This means Projectors must wait for someone to recognise them and invite them into things.

Signature Theme

The Signature is Success, not from achievement but being recognized and appreciated for what we naturally are. This can come through something as small as a fulfilling conversation or as big as being invited to serve a particular purpose. If the success comes from work, it is often through work that doesn’t feel like work. It can feel like being recognized and compensated for something we offer with ease.

Not Self Theme

The Not-self theme is Bitterness which, as it sounds, leaves a bad taste in our mouths. It is the sense of being unrecognized or overworked in a way that takes the sweetness out of an experience. What’s left is a sharp, often edgy feeling of something like resentment internally and the experience of feeling ignored, dismissed or resisted by the outside world.
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