Becoming an Empowered Projector: Thrive with Wisdom and Guidance from Human Design

This audiobook by Evelyn Levenson provides guidance and insights for Projectors in understanding their role in the world, accessing their power, and thriving in alignment with their energetic blueprint. Levenson, a Human Design specialist and Projector herself, shares her experience and expertise to help Projectors heal past challenges, manage energy, and gain recognition through waiting for invitations.


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Projectors hold a unique role within human design. The Projector type plays a vital part in guiding the energy of the other types and ushering in a new consciousness for the evolution of humanity. Yet, life can be challenging for a Projector who has been living day-to-day in misalignment with their energetic blueprint. They often feel disempowered, invisible, unproductive, exhausted, and even broken.

This audiobook guides Projectors through detailed information to understand who they are, why they are here, and what are the best ways to navigate their role in the world while also learning how to access their power in sustainable and effective ways.

Human design specialist Evelyn Levenson shares insights and experience as a Projector herself, including:

The cosmic purpose of ProjectorsWhat causes struggle and how to heal the pain of past challengesHow to manage energy, embrace uniqueness, and truly thriveThe right way to wait for invitationsHow to gain recognition that leads to the right invitationsHow to turn bitterness and burnout into friends.

Projectors will thrive with the valuable guidance and information in this book that they need to step into their brilliance, power, and sweet success.


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