Getting to Know YOU: Embrace Your Unique Blueprint to Make Decisions You Love and Trust – a Human Design Guidebook

“Getting to Know YOU” is a guidebook that introduces the human design system, a new personality assessment tool that helps you understand your unique blueprint, energy, and decision-making process. Author Karen shares how this system can assist in personal growth, relationships, parenting, health, and spirituality. The book provides a caring and informative approach without jargon, helping you discover your authentic self and purpose. It’s a practical and straightforward primer on human design for anyone looking to make decisions they love and trust.


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Do you have trouble making choices sometimes? Have you heard of human design? It’s a new personality assessment tool for helping you find easier ways to make decisions each and every day! And it’s unique to you!

Or are you looking for a new way to understand your energy and how you’re wired? To understand yourself? And your family, friends and co-workers, too?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to be more authentic and find your passion?

Getting to Know YOU: Embrace your Unique Blueprint and make Decisions you Love and Trust is a human design guidebook for you if you’re wanting to get from point A to point B without fear. It’s about personal growth, transformation and decision-making for your unique personality! It’s a primer on human design – no jargon, no woo-woo, no fairy dust!

Think about it: What is your life like when it’s hard to make decisions and each time you do, you worry about the outcomes? Are you still looking for the answers?

You’ll happily discover how it can help you with the most annoying challenges in your career, relationships, parenting, health, and even your spirituality.

In a caring and informative way, without the jargon, Karen will help you understand that the principles of human design apply to all of us. We’re all perfectly designed, and we each have a purpose to fulfill. Once you realize how unique you are and how you interact with others, the subtle distinctions of human design allow you to discover your authentic self and see all your relationships in a new way -with all your questions answered!

Don’t wait another day! Get the to get started on your path to personal growth and fulfillment!

Find the answers you’re looking for in Getting to Know YOU!


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