Human Design: The Revolutionary System That Shows You Who You Came Here to Be

“Unlock Your Human Design” by Jenna Zoe is a practical guide to understanding and interpreting your Human Design chart. This system is based on your birth date and time, providing insights into your personality, relationships, strengths, and more. Using inspiration from various wisdom schools, including chakras and astrology, you can tap into a unique toolkit to unlock your true purpose and confidently walk your path.


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Find guidance, alignment and purpose with this insightful, practical guide to understanding and interpreting your Human Design chart.

World-leading expert Jenna Zoe reveals the power and potential of Human Design in simple steps and shows you how to utilise your results to create an incredible life. Drawing inspiration from many different schools of wisdom, including the chakras, iChing, astrology and the Tree of Life, Human Design is a system based on our time and date of birth, illustrated as a unique chart that reveals our opportunities, challenges, personality, strengths, relationships and much more.

Once you have your chart, you can tap into a detailed and unique toolkit to help you unlock your true purpose in this world. You’ll discover how to:

· generate your own chart with an easy-to-follow process

· find out what your Energy Type is and how you can harness it

· stop striving to be someone you’re not and feel comfortable in your own skin

· understand your intuition, personality, habits, relationships and more

When your chart reveals how to be the real you—the most individual you can be—you’ll find that you’re able to confidently walk your unique path and live according to your soul’s purpose.


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