Project 369: The Key To The Universe


Project 369 is a book that claims to facilitate the creation of miracles. Through its teachings, people have manifested things such as dream businesses, new jobs, soulmates, and deep healing. The book has received passionate reviews from readers who claim to have experienced profound fulfillment, divine purpose, and mystical experiences. This edition does not include scripture. The first, second, and final editions are no longer available, so please check the available formats to ensure you get the copy you desire.


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⚠This Is the Evolved Consciousness Edition of Project 369 (Without Scripture) ⚠. Please check “See all formats and editions” below the product title to ensure you get the copy you desire. The million-dollar copies of the first, second, and final editions will no longer be available. If you have been with us since the first edition, we thank you & we love you.

Project 369 facilitates the creation of miracles. People are sharing passionately about how they have manifested millions of dollars, dream businesses, new jobs, dream homes, soulmates, marriages, profound fulfillment, mystical experiences, divine purpose, Oneness, deep healing, recovery from lifetime afflictions like alcoholism, recovery from depression, ceasing negative self-talk, and much more.

This journal includes the following:

✓ The Power of I AM

✓ Consciousness

✓ Meditation & Visualization

✓ Brain Waves

✓ How to Really Manifest

✓ How to Use the 369 Method

✓ Numerology & Sacred Geometry

✓ Angel Signs

✓ The Significance of 369

✓ Chakras

✓ Angel Signs

✓ Daily Affirmations

✓ Daily Prompts

✓ 30 Days of Journaling

✓ & More!

The mysteries of the Universe are boundless, yet certain knowledge has been discovered and shared throughout the ages, including the laws of manifestation. Project 369 offers an evolved expression of those laws, along with new knowledge, and a powerful platform on which to wield them. Abide by the laws brilliantly articulated within Project 369, and you get to have it all.

One of the primary laws instructs us to use our imagination to sculpt our state of consciousness into alignment with our deepest desires. You will learn exactly how to do this. Once alignment happens, possibility explodes into being, and the Universe conspires with us to breathe life into our visions. As we move forward confidently, the bridge of incidents appears before us, leading directly to our divine destination (and many times beyond). It is one of the most mystical, incredible, and satisfying experiences in the world.

Project 369 contains the wisdom, science, and platform one requires to align their state of consciousness with their desires to successfully manifest them into reality. Everything you need to know to realize your dreams is in Project 369.

You might have heard the true power of manifestation; it is now time you manifest yourself. Don’t put your dreams aside. we will help you the same way we have helped hundreds of thousands of others.

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Paperback ‏ : ‎ 275 pages
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