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A part of our coming here to earth, is a forgetting.

We each come into form through two humans who are still trying to figure it all out themselves.

After going through our years with familial conditioning, thinking we need to be like our neighbors, and doing what society has recommended for us – there comes a point where a realer reality-check hits us as we start to get the inner-inklings of our true nature.

This is where Human Design comes in.

I imagine that this is also a part of the reason that you are here now.

Because you know, and can feel, the living uniqueness which is you and only you – waiting for its fullest expression.

A remembrance, seeking actualization.

Are you ready to gain access to your deeper unfolding, and to optimize the way you engage and manifest in relation to the world around you?

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Trishana is a 6/2 emotional manifesting-generator who has spent the past 3.8 years studying human design and the gene keys while living her experiment. Having guided dozens of individuals through their unique blueprint – she understands the value and ripple effect of sharing this information.

Why is knowing your design so important?

Because your own individual awareness and sovereignty, not only supports yourself, but also supports the evolution of the collective as a whole.


About The Reader

I've been studying Human Design, Gene Keys since 2018 and astrology since 2001, and have a huge passion for the subject. I love to teach others through comprehensive Human Design readings.


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  • Carlos (verified owner)

    The reading was amazing. Thanks so much for taking the time to go through my chart.

  • Ramiro (verified owner)

    I’ve learned so much about myself, will definitely recommend to my friends.

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