August 31st 2023:

Following up from the incident yesterday; a number of users reached out to report issues with Bella. This was due to a plugin conflict. This has now been resolved. Please feel free to contact us if this hasn't been resolved for you personally. We apologise for any inconvenience.

August 30th 2023:

Some users have reported that Bella isn't working on mobile devices, this could be because of some recent DNS changes. We can confirm Bella is still working and ask you to kindly clear your cache if you experience any issues.

June 24th 2023:

Chatbot quota issues seem to be resolved now. There was an issue with the system switching roles after upgrading memberships. This has been resolved now.

June 21st 2023:

We are aware than some users are experiencing issues with the chatbot not recognizing their quota limits. We're working on figuring why this is happening and how to fix it. Full updates will be provided.

June 14th 2023:

All issues resolved and all systems working as expected.

June 13th 2023:

Currently experiencing issues with the chatbot giving an exceeded quota error to users due to hitting our hard limit with OpenAI. We have requested an increase and hope to be back online in the next 24 hours.