Bella is stuck on “Bella Is Thinking…”

In most cases this happens because you haven’t cleared your cache after one of our system updates. Please clear your..

What can’t I see my chart on the mobile version?

The mobile version of is currently under development and our goal is to have a fully functional version by..

How accurate is the chatbot?

Even though the chatbot is highly knowledgeable about the Human Design system and your chart, it is not infallible and..

Why is the chatbot sometimes slow?

The chatbot’s slower response time is due to the utilization of GPT4, a more advanced model compared to GPT3.5. The..

How does the quota system work?

In order to accurately measure and manage the usage of our chatbot, we have implemented a token system. This system..

What questions can I ask the chatbot?

You can ask Bella just about anything you can imagine. In your own words, language and tone. Feel free to..

Is there a mobile application?

Not yet, but rest assured that our team is putting in relentless efforts, working day and night, to bring you..

Why did you name the chatbot “Bella”?

Bella was the name of an amazing virtual assistant that worked with the company in the early stages. When she..

Can anyone see my conversation history with the chatbot?

As a responsible tech company, we take user privacy very seriously. We understand that our users trust us to keep..

How can I save my conversations?

Our team is dedicated to providing our users with a secure and private platform for interacting with our chatbot. However,..

Some features are missing!?

We understand that some of the features we have advertised may be difficult to locate at this time. However, we..

Why does it say my quota is finished when its not?

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re unable to interact with Bella despite having a membership. We apologize..

Can I use the Human Design chatbot to generate content?

The chatbot has been designed to provide people with a comprehensive understanding of their Human Design. It is a tool..

Which languages can the Human Design chatbot speak?

The chatbot is capable of conversing in over 30 languages, with varying levels of proficiency, but continuous improvement is underway...

Can I invest into the project?

At our core, we believe in the power of Human Design to transform lives and bring about positive change in..

What is

Human Design is a complex system that can take years of study and practice to fully understand. Without this knowledge,..

How do I become a reader?

We’ll be opening up the platform to Human Design analysts and readers in the next 2-3 months from now...

What information does the chatbot know about me?

We understand that many people are concerned about the potential risks of sharing their personal information with artificial intelligence systems...