Becoming an Empowered Orchestrator (Projector)

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Becoming an Empowered Orchestrator (Projector)

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When you found Human Design (or it found you) were you trying to solve a problem? Were you wanting to figure out who you really are and how you operate so you could make your life work better?

If you answered ‘yes’ and you’re a Projector (aka Orchestrator) then I invite you to keep reading.

I’m guessing that since you “met” your chart you’ve been learning everything you can but you still have questions!

Maybe you’ve been down the HD rabbit hole for months or even years already, and while you’ve learned a LOT about what it means to be a Projector (Orchestrator) you are still struggling to ‘wait for the invitation’. I bet you LONG to be TRULY recognized and valued for the ridiculous amount of wisdom and knowledge I know that you have inside of you.
If you’re a Projector (Orchestrator) reading this, then some big or small part of you KNOWS that you CAN help people… if only they’d listen.

You believe you can run a business sustainably, or at least, you really WANT to believe this is possible – if only you would work out how to do it the right way as a Projector!

You are DETERMINED to find a way to be yourself and do business your way, and you’ll keep searching ’til you have answers!

If this sounds like you, whether you found Human Design a decade ago or only yesterday, then you’re invited to join – your fellow Projector, and Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Caroline Southwell, as she talks about every useful thing she’s learned in the last 7+ years of working with Human Design from a vast array of teachers, adding it to everything she learned from teaching this work to her own students and clients,
plus everything she’s learned through her own deep personal experiment with her design and simplifying the heck out of the whole lot to give you a clear, simple class about which things to focus on that will create the greatest revolution in your life so that you can become the most Empowered Projector you can imagine.

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