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Diet For Projectors | Human Design

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Diet For Projectors | Human Design

Knowing your type, knowing your software, and activating your blueprint.

Free Chart:

Projectors have no built-in potential for generating or manifesting. Because they possess no consistent, reliable means of manifesting or generating energy. Projectors are classified with reflectors as non-energy types.

Projectors are here to use their experiential wisdom to guide Generators.

When it comes to Projector’s diet and digestive system there are some key things we want to know.

In this video I invite you to discover more about your digestive system and begin to understand your own uniqueness.


About Charlie: Charlie is a transformational coach interested in living to his fullest potential and guiding others to do the same. He uses many techniques as well as presence and intuition to guide the process. He is a certified Detoxification Specialist, Human Design analyst, Metaphysical Anatomy facilitator and spinal flow body worker. He works with people one-on-one around the world both in person and over Skype / Zoom. Also Charlie runs retreats to enable groups of people to come together with the intention of transformation.


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