Emotional Manifesting Generator 6/2 | KAYLA ANDERSON

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Emotional Manifesting Generator 6/2 | KAYLA ANDERSON

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This week on the Lotus Life Podcast with Rose Tautari – I am incredibly excited to share a conversation with Kayla Anderson.

Kayla is a life coach, self-love guide, and is a gorgeous light in the world, who guides others on their journey to love and to themselves, who is here with a mission to help people all over the world return to the unconditional love and empowered being that resides deep within themselves.

Kayla is currently based in the beautiful Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand, and yes, you will hear correctly in this episode, currently lives with a front yard full of Alpacas! Kayla has spent the past 2 years travelling the globe and alongside her work coaching and guiding others also hosts in person events and retreats, and is also a Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority and a 6/2 profile … I am so delighted to bring this sparkly human to you this week, so sit back and enjoy!


Check out all the juicy details on Kayla’s website https://lovewithkaylaanderson.com/

Connect with Kayla on the ‘Gram https://www.instagram.com/lovewithkaylaanderson/

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