Generator Human Design Strategy ★☾

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Generator Human Design Strategy ★☾

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✨ Welcome to #thestars
My mission with this channel is to offer catalytic and authentic creations with the Desire to Spark your own Gloriously Authentic Freedom & Empowerment ❤️

–Generators make up a huge bulk of the populations, weighing in at about 70% —

The strategy for living for generators is to RESPOND. What this means is rather than going out and initiating.. taking heaps of forward action… it is best suited for generator’s energy to wait for the response that comes within… then go burn away that juicy energiser-bunny energy!

I am sharing my personal experience in this video of listening to my sacral and responding to life.
I can speak from my own experience that living this way TRULY brings me into alignment with life.

Whats your type?
Do you have experience around letting your sacral speak through you?

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