HD Reading for Lauren 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

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HD Reading for Lauren 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

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It was so much fun to have this conversation with Lauren. She’s a 6/2 Pure Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority on the Left Angle Cross of Spirit.

00:00:00-00:03:50 – Intro, how Lauren found out about Human Design

00:03:50 – 00:10:00 Basic elements of the Human Design chart: conscious, unconscious, defined/undefined centres, the current transits, HD weather

00:10:30 – About the 4 Types, Auras, Green & Red Flags & the Pure Manifesting Generator traits

00:14:55 “I’m a terrible baker, I’m an amazing cook” and the skipping steps gift of the Manifesting Generator
00:16:50 – The Projector aura
00:18:03 – The Manifestor Aura
00:18:57 – The Reflector Aura

00:20:56 – What does it mean to wait to respond for a Manifesting Generator? The Sacral sounds and the “full body” yes

00:23:00 – How Emotional Authority works “There’s no truth in the now”

00:29:00 – “90% of the time I go with my gut instincts but for the big questions I definitely noticed benefit from not going with my first gut response”

00:37:00 – Access to energy for Generators and Manifesting Generators and healthy sleep habits for all types

00:41:00 – Lauren’s Undefined Centres – the Head, Ajna, Heart, Spleen, Root

00:42:00 – The Undefined/Open Heart – Over-giving from an overflowing place instead of wanting to receive validation
00:48:35 – Effects of the Defined on the Undefined Heart
00:49:00 – The Undefined/Open Head “Thinking about things that don’t matter”
00:50:39 – The Undefined Ajna – “I believe I have all the answers”
00:53:56 – The Undefined Spleen and being healthy
00:58:20 – The Undefined Root – “Always in a hurry to be free of the pressure”

01:01:08 – How the Minds speaks through Lauren’s undefined centres

01:02:00 – Overview of Lauren’s Defined Centres:
The Throat: the effects of the Defined on the Undefined
01:04:00 – Defined G and Throat in Lauren’s experience “Why would anyone have a problem with finding their voice?” & The gifts of the completely Open G centre
– The Sacral Defined & Undefined
01:15:00 – The Solar Plexus defined & undefined
01:16:00 – The 6/2 Profile The Role Model/Hermit – The 3 phases of a 6th line life

This video is part of a series of 10 readings I offered to people who were willing and brave to have a taste of an overview Human Design reading and make it public so other people can learn from it and see how this would look like for them.

The aim of these readings was to offer them the essentials about their Type, Strategy, Authority and Not-self themes based on their undefined centres.

Lauren van Mullem is a wonderful copywriter for coaches. Here’s what she had to say after the reading:

“It’s mindblowing to feel so confirmed and validated. I’ve done a lot of inner work, I’ve figured out a lot of things, and to see that reflected in Human Design is astounding. I think the most valuable takeaway is that I need to wait a bit longer before making decisions, and that my “Hermit” side needs more alone time. These are things I knew but was willfully ignoring. Now I’ll make them a priority.”

You can find Lauren at https://www.truerwordsbylauren.com


If you want to have a reading of your own get the deets here:

For more ways to work with me on your Human Design journey https://enjoyyourdesign.com/human-design-life-coaching-services/


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