Human Design Guided Meditation: Generators & Manifesting Generators

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Human Design Guided Meditation: Generators & Manifesting Generators

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Connect with your higher self, and find your true heart’s desires with this guided meditation for Sacral beings. This practice can be practiced by anybody, but especially for Generators or Manifesting Generators if you follow Human Design. This meditation guides you to look within, and connect with your sacral “gut response” to help find clarity around what you want in life. Perfect to use right before creating a vision board or setting new intentions for yourself.

Research shows that practicing daily meditation may increase the brain’s ability to process information and emotions, increases resiliency to stress, increases compassion for ourselves and others, and several other benefits!

Sending you all the love and light in the world. Thank you for showing up for yourself with the intention to heal. If you enjoyed this meditation, I invite you to share this video with someone you love, or leave a tip in the tip jar linked below if you feel called to do so. Keep shining your light. ❤️✨


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*Disclaimer: I am not a mental health or medical professional, and meditation is not a replacement for professional help alone. If you are struggling with mental or physical illness of any kind, I encourage you to reach out to a professional near you. ❤️


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