human design projector | being recognized as a guide | channeled insight

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human design projector | being recognized as a guide | channeled insight

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Oh hey there! I’m Brenna Paxton, a 1/4 Projector with Emotional Authority (in the Human Design system) and these are some of my realizations and discoveries about being a Projector over the past 2 years of my experiment with Human Design.

I’m also a Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising and I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient — meaning that I receive / download / channel a lot of insight from my Highest Self, guides, and Source Consciousness, which I’m excited to share with you here!

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In this video I talk about:
⟶ how it resonated / what it meant to me when I discovered that I am a Projector
⟶ the first key limiting beliefs and societal programming I had to decondition & reprogram after learning that I’m a Projector
⟶ understanding that a Projector’s perspective is very unique, that other people don’t necessarily think in the same way, and that a Projector’s perspective, wisdom, and expertise is incredibly valuable insight that is worthy of being shared when invited
⟶ what it means for a Projector to truly be “recognized” or “invited” as a guide
⟶ how someone inviting a Projector is a soul resonance from their Highest Self recognizing the Projector as a helpful spiritual guide on their path of awareness, awakening, and ascension

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Human Design resources mentioned in this video:
⟶ Pilar Lesko –
⟶ Interior Creature –
⟶ Erin Claire Jones –


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