Human Design Projector Health 2.0

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Human Design Projector Health 2.0

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Here I’m talking about how to level up your wellbeing if you are a projector within the human design system.

• Health is the alignment of the mind, body, emotions and energy
• As you know projectors have very different energetic systems to most other people
• If you are experiencing symptoms of ill health then there is simply a misalignment and this is super common for projectors because our natural way of being is QUITE different from how current society functions and operates
• Relaxing into yourself, we are different, we are unique, you are unique, we are sensitive, simply by SLOWING down a little can do wonders for our system, our regeneration and our overall health
• Our energy is very open so therefore our environment is VITAL, it needs to be nourishing us, plants, crystals, essential oils, light, fresh air, colours
• Alone time for our energy centres especially our Sacral to quiet down, reclaiming your centre and your energy
• Releasing the resistance within yourself to life, allowing yourself, emotional releasing, and discover the freedom within
• Rest Rest Rest, go to bed BEFORE you are tired
• Very important to support and protect our adrenal glands, our thyroid and our nervous system. This can be deep work because we were imprinted right from conception, we bathed in our mother vibrational field and that’s how we learnt to function. And many of our vibrational learning was conducted in the classroom of fear, we are like tuning forks so we need to consciously tune ourselves to love, abundance, ease and joy

Specific health issues simply email me [email protected] or head to my website and check it out, this is what I specialize in and I love assisting people back to vibrant health.

About Charlie: Charlie is a detoxification specialist, transformational coach and Human Design analyst. He works with people one-on-one and in retreat settings to enable them to life their highest potential. He uses his intuition as well as a range of tools and techniques that he has learnt over many years to achieve incredible results.


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