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Human Design | Throat Centre

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Journey through the Throat Center with us in Human Design!

Aimee goes through:

– The energies contained within this centre
– The shadow side
– The high expression
– What it can look like if you’re defined
– What it can look like if you’re undefined/open

If you’d like to learn more about Human Design at a deeper level, join us in our ‘How To Unlock Your BodyGraph Course’

– This course is for everyone! Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors

– Over 9 hours of video content on type, authority, profiles, centers, circuitry

– A 45+ page manual to download and keep

– Example readings so you can piece together how to read your own chart or that of family and friends

– Bonus webinar on the frequency of money, investments and the changing times we are in

– A guided meditation

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