Manifesting Generator Preview

richard beaumont Manifesting Generator


Manifesting Generator Preview

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NEVER BEFORE SEEN FILM. Ra Uru Hu gives a powerful lecture on the Manifesting Generator Type. Ra begins by explaining the Generator Type and then moves on to the difference between Generators and Manifesting Generators.
This film has not been seen since it was filmed in New York, USA March 16th 2003.

It will be introductory in content to those familiar with the Human Design System, but features Ra Uru Hu in his early firery stage of delivering the information in a penetrating and transformative style. An instant MUST HAVE for all Manifesting Generators and a film to share with those loved ones who belong to this Type.

Despite being a full length film more than three times the size of the other Type films he did, it is priced at a very affordable level to encourage more people to enjoy this important information. To purchase the full film (3 hs 36 mins – in 3 parts Go to:

Length of this preview film: 15mins 43 secs


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