Projector and Generator Relationships | Human Design

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Projector and Generator Relationships | Human Design

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Human Design. Heavily linked to the I Ching which is an ancient Chinese text based on 64 principles within the ‘matrix’ that we find ourselves in. A blend of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah and the chakras. So simply put the Human Design system has distilled this information into modern day terms and understandings. The closest thing to a life manual I’ve found… and it’s specific to YOU

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Relationships between Generators and Projectors.

A projectors aura is focused and penetrative.
A generators aura is open and enveloping.

My chart
– Defined root and defined spleen has root to spleen
– Channel of transformation

Kelly’s chart
– Defined Sacral centre, G centre, Throat centre and Ajna
– Channel of the Beat
– Channel of Structuring


About Charlie: Charlie is a transformational coach interested in living to his fullest potential and guiding others to do the same. He uses many techniques as well as presence and intuition to guide the process. He is a certified Detoxification Specialist, Human Design analyst, Metaphysical Anatomy facilitator and spinal flow body worker. He works with people one-on-one around the world both in person and over Skype / Zoom. Also Charlie runs retreats to enable groups of people to come together with the intention of transformation.


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