The 2/4 Profile in Business (what I’m noticing)

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The 2/4 Profile in Business (what I’m noticing)

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Resources for 2/4’s in self employment:

1) The Tea Room:

2) Art Of Responding (is you are also a Generator or MGen):

What 2/4’s crave in their client work is deep and genuine interactions, and this need has certainly shaped my business decisions and offerings.

For example, I notice that both hosting or being part of a group program of more than 10 people is exciting at first, but that excitement quickly dwindles because it’s not so easy to have deep and genuine conversations in large groups.

It’s for this reason that I’ve downsized the number of people I work with in my group offerings to (typically) 7 people.

And yes that’s meant that the price of my group offerings has increased — but so too has the quality and enjoyment of these programs, for both me and the participants.

Something else I do to cultivate deep and genuine interactions is that I ask program participants to come to Zoom calls with their 🎥 camera’s switched ‘on’.

I find it difficult to really connect with a client if I can’t see their face, to me it’s like they are not really there.

It’s different if it’s a 1:1 conversation and I know the person quite well already – seeing their face is not so important.

This is not to say that all 2/4 profiles need to work in small groups with cameras on … each of us will have our approach to creating an environment where deep and genuine interactions can take place.

Love to hear if any of this resonates – regardless of your profile numbers.

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