The Time Bender (Manifesting Generator) Aura – Part 4of7

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The Time Bender (Manifesting Generator) Aura – Part 4of7

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In Quantum Human Design™ Manifesting Generators are called Time Benders. The Time Bender is a hybrid between an Initiator and an Alchemist, but at their core, they respond and act primarily like a really fast Alchemist. (Be sure to read the Initiator and the Alchemist section.)

The role of the Time Bender is to physically manifest creativity and speed up the quantum process and linear time. Time Benders are always looking for the short-cut and tend to always be doing more than one thing at time.

If you are a Time Bender, you often need to do many things at once because you have to keep your energy occupied, otherwise you can get very frustrated. Just like an Alchemist, your frustration is a signal that you’re building momentum. Knowing how to be with frustration and not quitting, unless you’re responding to quitting (not responding to the frustration…) is essential.

You also have an internal non-verbal creative flow, just like the Initiator, but you can’t really start it without having something to respond to first, which can also be frustrating and can even cause you to feel “anger,” a signal that you may not be fully activating your power.

To really be “in love” with yourself and expand your aura, Time Benders have to learn how to correctly interpret the signals of anger and frustration. They also need to surrender and let life unfold so that they can respond. When the Time Bender is aligned with the unfolding of life and not pushing or forcing things with impatience, they can tap into a deeper state of mastery, ease and well-being that increases their coherence and makes them much more “attractive”.

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