What is a Manifesting Generator?

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What is a Manifesting Generator?

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Have you wondered what Human Design is all about? Have you been looking for a simple way to learn more without taking a course? In this video, we talk about Manifesting Generators, your decision-making strategy and your theme of frustration if you’re not following your strategy.

This video – and the rest of the series — have a little info about Human Design and how you can learn more, if you’re interested. There is a lot to it, but it doesn’t have to be complex. Human Design is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that’s based on your birth info. From that, you get your personality traits in a lot of detail, your life’s purpose, your decision-making strategy and your energy blueprint. Enjoy the video!

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If you find that you’re ready now – or whenever you’re ready, here are some ways to learn more about your Human Design:
• Get a free Human Design chart here: https://livingbyhumandesign.com/human-design-chart/

• Decide to have a Human Design session with me here: https://livingbyhumandesign.com/my-services/

• Get access to my complimentary course: “Getting to Know YOU” here:


• Get a copy of my Amazon book (Kindle, Audible, paper back) called “Getting to Know YOU” at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HB8PRHK

• Get the “Transit Whisperer” course so that you can follow along with your own transits each week:

• If you’d like to schedule a coaching call, send me an email and let me know! [email protected]
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